Do Not Leave Your Loved Ones: Get a Columbus OH’s Deportation Attorney

The 1996 law which changed the meaning of an aggravated felony has torn apart many immigrant families through deportation and cancellation of citizenship. More to that, deported individuals are barred from returning to the United States for a fixed period. However, you can avoid deportation by getting a qualified Columbus OH’s Deportation Attorney. Your attorney will be there with you in every proceeding to ensure that you retain your citizenship. Four steps are followed in a deportation process. The first one is a notice to appear, followed by a notice to a hearing, the master calendar hearing and, lastly, the individual hearing.

Dos and don’t s during your case;

  • Do not leave the country: leaving the country does not solve anything. When you come back, you will still find the lawsuit waiting. In some cases, folks opt to seek to voluntarily & nbsp; leaving the country. This should be your last option. The government gives you four months to leave the country. You do not want to break your family ties without putting up a vigorous fight.
  • Request for cancellation of removal: if you have lived in the United States for a long time, then you can be granted the request. If your status is that of a permanent resident and you do not have serious criminal records, then you most likely will have the deportation cancelled. However, the judge will have to make the optimal decision and factors such as work history, and family ties will also influence the decision made.
  • Seek refuge: You can talk to the judge and prove that going back to your country poses danger to you. For instance, if going back to your country can lead to your persecution due to race, political reasons or even religion. You will have a one year time frame to provide the evidence.
  • Request a change in your residence status: If you do not have a green card, then it is time you requested your judge to issue you a permanent residence status. This can only happen if you have family ties with United States citizens or through employment.

When should you get yourself a Columbus OH’s Deportation Attorney? Immediately after you receive a deportation notice from the Chief Counsel of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement. You should contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Contact an attorney at website to get sound legal advice on the right steps to take.

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