Dental Veneers 101

Dental  Veneers 101

If you have been thinking about dental veneers from Chesterfield dental experts then here are some facts you need to know and consider as you make your decision:

* Veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are shaped to resemble teeth and these are then placed over existing teeth in order to reshape teeth or hide issues like chips or stains and help restore a more healthy and youthful look to the teeth.
* Veneers commonly are made out of white porcelain but some are made out of special mixture of composite materials- certain locations in the mouth require different materials to be used in the veneers.
* The surface of the tooth will be lightly sanded to make it rough so the bonding agent sticks better and the veneer is then placed so it adheres to the tooth.
* Veneers generally have a life span of 15-20 years, and many last longer- the final lifespan of your veneers largely depends on the health of your teeth, gums, and your dental care routine and your lifestyle.
* They can be easily replaced if they become damaged or worn and are usually easily applied within a single quick visit to the dentist.
* Veneers can be custom made to fit your teeth so they look and feel like natural teeth and no one will be able to tell the difference.
* Because some enamel on the tooth has to be removed to make the tooth rough before the veneer is placed, you will always need to keep a veneer on the tooth in order to protect it.
* There usually is no need for anesthetics though some people get general numbing to ease any discomfort they might feel and there is no down time other than allowing the covering to fully adhere and then the veneer can be treated like a regular tooth.
* You care for a veneer like your regular teeth with daily brushing and flossing being a must to keep the veneer looking great and to protect the tooth located under it.

To learn more about veneers and if you are a good candidate for them, call Chesterfield Family Dentistry today and ask them about dental veneers in Chesterfield.

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