Defining The Repercussions Of DUI Charges With A Criminal Lawyer In Bel Air, MD

Maryland drivers are subject to penalties at any time they choose to drive while intoxicated or under the influence of controlled substances. These actions are criminal and place the driver and other individuals on the road in eminent danger.

Once discovered, law enforcement has the right to arrest these drivers immediately. A Criminal Lawyer in Bel Air MD helps these drivers mitigate the impact of a criminal conviction.

Defining the Difference Between DUI and DWI

The difference between these infractions is the blood alcohol content reading. A DUI requires the driver to have a blood alcohol content reading of at least 0.08 percent which is the standard throughout the country. However, the state of Maryland can charge drivers if they have a reading of 0.07 percent with DWI. This reading could present a risk to the driver and other individuals. For this reason, they are charged with the lesser offense of DWI to reduce the potential of repeat offenses.

What are the Penalties for First Offenses?

The first DUI offense incurs a maximum driver’s license revocation of six months. The fine required for the driver is $1,000. They could also face a one-year jail sentence. The driver receives twelve points on their driving record.

The first DWI offense presents a one hundred twenty-day revocation of the driver’s license. The driver’s fine is $500. They also face up to one year in county lockup. This offense presents an eight-point assignment on their driving record.

Additional Administrative Penalties and Provisions

These offenses could produce administrative penalties and provisions. The initial cost of receiving the administrative hearing for the charge is $150, if the driver submits the request within the designated deadline period. A refusal for a breathalyzer test increases their revocation to one year. If they are proven intoxicated or under the influence, the revocation is forty-five additional days. Alcohol education programs and ignition interlocking device requirements are also possible.

Maryland drivers receive penalties based on the offense and any circumstances related to the initial traffic stop. For example, an auto accident caused by a drunk driver could increase the penalties. These drivers receive fines, suspensions, and jail sentences based on their criminal record. Defendants facing these charges should Visit Website to hire a Criminal Lawyer in Bel Air MD.

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