Deciding Between Window Repair and Window Replacement in Prince Georges County MD

by | Mar 14, 2016 | Business

What factors must a homeowner consider when deciding between window repair and Window Replacement in Prince Georges County MD? Old wood windows can have deteriorating frames and warped sashes that make it difficult to close them tightly or to lock them. Old windows also are notoriously energy inefficient. They can feel drafty in the winter and allow cold air to leak in. Very old, deteriorated windows can even lead to ice buildup on the interior glass during particularly harsh winter temperatures. The opposite problem occurs in summer, with hot air and humidity seeping through leaky windows.

Window Replacement in Prince Georges County MD, costs more than repair. It’s a major investment to have all the windows in the house replaced. However, the project offers numerous benefits. New vinyl windows move smoothly and have an airtight fit. Tilt-out versions make cleaning an easy job. There’s very little maintenance required when compared to wood windows since vinyl never needs painting or staining. Homeowners will want to clean the frames occasionally to keep the house looking attractive.

New vinyl Window Replacement in Prince Georges County MD, also will provide some energy savings in both winter and summer months. The most dramatic difference will be seen during the heating season in a cooler climate like that of Maryland. This region normally doesn’t experience unduly long or exceptionally cold winters, but people generally need to heat their homes for at least part of the time between September and May. There’ll be no need to hang plastic over windows for the winter to keep drafts out, and sitting by those windows will feel more comfortable.

For all these reasons, replacing the windows can significantly boost the value of the home and make it easier to sell for an optimum price in the future. New vinyl windows are available in designs that look just like wood, which will satisfy homeowners who want frames that come close to matching the old design. They’re available in a variety of colors as well from a supplier such as Master Seal Doors & Windows. Contact us to start the process of getting estimates and learning about vinyl windows.

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