Are Ceramic Crowns in St George, UT the Best Choice?

As part of the dental reconstruction, the dentist has advised the patient that some crowns are in order. What now needs to be decided is what type of crowns would be best. Many people find that Ceramic Crowns in St George UT, are just right for them.

Here are some of the advantages that come with this choice.

A Natural Look

One of the chief benefits associated with Ceramic Crowns in St George UT is how life-like they look. The material has the right amount of translucency to mimic the look of a real tooth. Thanks to this one benefit, it is possible to have the crowns installed and ensure that they do not look dull in comparison to the rest of the tooth.

Shading is Easy

Another point in favor of ceramic crowns is that the tint can be matched with that of the tooth. The result is that the crown blends in perfectly, making it hard to tell where the tooth ends, and the crown begins. For people who would rather not have anyone know about the dental work, this is a major plus.


The type of ceramic used for the crown is extremely durable. While any type of crown will have to be replaced after a decade or so, the ceramic types tend to hold up well for a longer period of time. That means fewer dental expenses in the years to come since the crown is less subject to cracking and other problems.

The Expense

While not the least expensive option, the fact that the ceramic crowns do hold up well makes them a good choice in the long run. Paying a little more up front means lower costs in the years to come, something that every patient is sure to appreciate.

For anyone who would like to learn more about crowns and other dental options, contact the team at Hatch & Jeppson Dental today and arrange for an examination. After taking a good look at the teeth, the dentist can sit down with the patient and go over what sort of work would provide the desired results. Once the plans are settled, the first of the treatments can get underway at once.

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