Customizing Your Luxury Car With Aftermarket Chrysler 300 Wheels

The Chrysler 300 and the 300C have rapidly become one of the classic styles of luxury sedans on the road today. They are styled somewhat old-school, with a heavier yet flowing shape and a great design to add sporty touches. It is a great vehicle to customize, and that means choosing aftermarket Chrysler 300 wheels to give it just the look you want to achieve.

With all the possible customization options with these vehicles, the style of aftermarket Chrysler 300 wheels can be the icing on the cake. They can turn the vehicle into a more elegant and classic vehicle, or give it that edgy look that gives it a bit of difference from the others on the road.

That Uptown Look

To give the vehicle a classic or almost town car type of look, there is a variety of options in the aftermarket Chrysler 300 wheels available. One of the first considerations is to simply choose a different spoke design, and perhaps go one size larger to give that solid, dependable yet refined look.

Chrome or silver is always a good option for the classic look in a town car. Look for a more elaborate spoke design including more of a pinwheel or starburst type of design or a very fine double spoke in chrome or silver. Even a matte gray is a very nice look, particularly with a deep concave shape that speaks of elegant refinement.

The Downtown Look

For a more downtown look or a more modern look, consider some of the black Chrysler 300 wheels. These have the same elegant designs but with the polished or matte black finish they give a completely different look.

This combination is great on both the dark colored vehicles, where the wheels blend into the design and lines of the car, or with the lighter colored paints where they combine with the tires to make the wheels look larger.

With this look, you may want to consider going one size smaller with the Chrysler 300 wheels. This gives the car a lower profile that gives it a more edgy look without looking out of balance with the lines of the vehicle.

The True Customized Look

A look that stands out in Chrysler 300 wheels is to add a dash of color to the rims. White rims, white and black combinations or black and chrome will definitely turn heads.

Custom colors on Chrysler 300 wheels including neon green, blue, red or yellow or orange look great on black rims and don’t forget the unique look for bronze or gold rims for that highly customized sense of style.

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