Custom-Built Machines: Machine Shop in Minneapolis

by | Apr 6, 2016 | Repair Services

If you are a business owner in an especially technical field, a machine owner and operator of a boutique manufacturing facility, or part of an automated high-tech industry, you will need custom-made machines that work reliably and do the job efficiently. But getting a custom machine made for a specific task is not easy, and requires experienced and reliable engineers with years of experience behind them.

Here are some of the features of a machine shop where you can have custom parts made and engineered to precise specifications:

  • Parts fabrication for the repair of existing machines
  • Production of tools and machine parts of assembly lines and industrial controls
  • Custom-built machines and equipment for a specific task

If you’re in any of the following sectors, you’ll be aware of just how important the right tools for the job are, and how custom-made machines contribute to the fabrication and manufacturing process:

  • The optical industry, including camera manufacture and medical imaging
  • Computers and technical
  • The automotive industry, where robots and custom machines are integral to the assembly line
  • General packaging and food packaging
  • Plastics

What to Look for in a Reliable Machine Shop

If you’re interested in having custom parts and machines built to your specifications, what should you look for in a machine shop in Minneapolis, for example? Here are some valid points to think about:

  • Does the machine shop have a long history of operation? Some businesses in this area have been operating and serving their clients successfully since the 1970s, so you can be sure that they are reliable and knowledgeable.
  • Do they use the latest computer-aided design software (CAD) to manufacture what you need to precise specifications?
  • Do they have an experienced team of engineers and CAD specialists onboard to answer any of your questions confidently?
  • Do they have experience in servicing your specific industry or niche?
  • Can they take your ideas from concept through to prototyping and construction?
  • Do they provide new custom-made machines, as well as the design of replacement parts for your existing machines?

Get the Guidance You Need

Where your business is concerned, you need the most reliable machines, equipment, and tools. But sometimes, these reliable parts break down and either need repair or replacement. This is when a reliable machine shop can help you and your business.

On the other hand, if you are operating in a new niche industry, need custom machines for unique manufacturing tasks, or need to engineer a special set of tools, then a machine shop can guide you through from concept to completion.

The best shops offer a long history of experience, employ a team of dedicated engineers that are CAD trained, and know exactly what you need.

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