Container Sizes For Recycling Scrap metal in Atlantic City

by | Jun 12, 2014 | Waste Management

What do you think of when you hear steel recycling? Most people just think of steel recycling as scrapping metal, they don’t think twice about all the possible metals that can be recycled. Serving the needs for scrap metal in Atlantic City and surrounding areas (Vineland and Millville, NJ), you are able to use recycling containers for many different types of metals such as, aluminum, steel, brass, and copper. There is no job too big, as containers vary greatly in size.

Scrap metal in Atlantic City, as in any big city, can have many projects resulting in different amounts of scrap metal. It is nice knowing you have containers that you can use for any type of metal you wish to recycle; big or small project. Have a big project in Atlantic city that involves a lot of scrap metal? The containers vary in size – generally from 6 to 40 yards. Whether commercial, industrial, residential or construction metal customers, the container can be delivered to you at your location of request (whether it be your facility or construction site). All you have to do is fill it, and the container can be picked back up at your request. In addition to having a variety of container sizes, you can also also ask for on-site processing for demolition and construction sites, where a certain size container will be used to fit the job you need done.

Why should you recycle? It might come as a surprise, but it saves energy. Throwing away that soda can you just sipped from is the same (and it wastes the same amount of energy) as filling that can with gasoline and dumping it on the ground. Only about thirty percent of metal is recycled, and it being recycled benefits our earth because after being recycled it breaks down the metal, eventually bringing it down to a fraction of the metal that was first recycled. Metal that has been recycled and is used in steel mills, reduces waste and air pollution by about seventy percent.




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