Considerations When Selecting Outdoor Accent Lighting

Considerations When Selecting Outdoor Accent Lighting

Having the option to enjoy your backyard, front yard or any area of your property in the cool evening hours is a great opportunity for anyone. Having the right outdoor accent lighting will provide just the look you want and create the perfect ambiance, focus, or lighted area.

To choose the right outdoor accent lighting and to get the best look there are some important aspects of the lighting itself to keep in mind. First and foremost, this is designed to be accent lighting only, not a primary lighting source for security or high levels of visibility. However, the right accent lights can be used in conjunction with brighter lights on walkways, decks, patios and around pools to give more outdoor living space or to simply enhance the landscaping around these areas.

Tree Lighting

If you have been to a beautiful public park or even a private landscaped area you may have noticed the selective use of tree lights. These are actually flood lights, typically LED lights, which are directed against the trunk and up into the lower to mid-levels of the canopy or branches.

These lights can be used in small groupings around larger trees to add light all around. By adjusting the position of the flood light, it is possible to focus the light up or down for just the right look. These are also known as uplights, and can be used against fences, arches and the home as well.

Flower Bed and Walkway

One of the most popular uses of outdoor accent lighting is along flowerbeds and walkways in the yard or through a landscaped area. The soft lights give a romantic look to the area year round.

This type of outdoor accent lighting is often soft and diffused, giving a very welcoming and natural look. By choosing a variety of lights with an adjustable riser and a hood that blends with your garden, landscaping or walkway style you can provide a soft circle of light of up to 14 feet.
These pools of soft light are a wonderful way to draw the eye and create a pathway or flow to the area in the evening hours. As they are up and off the ground, they make gardening easy and also add to the look of the area during the daylight hours.

It is amazing how outdoor accent lighting adds to the look of any property. With the various styles and packages, it is easy to find just the look you want for any sized area.

When you have ideas for outdoor accent lighting, Touchstone Accent Lighting has the package and products to make your dreams come true.

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