Consider Metal for Commercial Roofing in Cleburne TX

Metal roofing is becoming more common for both residential and commercial construction. Although the increasing usage of metal as a roofing material seems to be a very recent development, metal roof surfaces (mainly copper) have been employed in building construction since the third century B.C., most famously topping the Parthenon in Rome. And many medieval castles and cathedrals were roofed with copper shingle and plate which has endured through the centuries.

Metal roofs are far more durable than traditional wood shingle or asphalt. They can withstand wind gusts up to 150 mph, will not be easily damaged by hail, and can be far better sealed against weather and thus are less prone to leakage than conventional roofing. The other advantage of a metal roof lies in its energy efficiency. A metal roof surface will reflect heat far better than an asphalt surface, which reduces the load on a building’s internal cooling system in summer. Combined with superior insulating qualities, a metal roof can result in a 40% reduction in energy bills in summer, and even 15% in winter. This is why building owners seeking out contractors for Commercial Roofing in Cleburne TX are choosing metal as the best option for a replacement roof surface.

Now, when it comes to a roof for a commercial building, style isn’t so important a consideration as for a residential home. So the standard commercial metal roof is going to be the standing seam type. Everybody has seen several of these on buildings and homes in their own localities. As the name implies, a standing seam roof consists of vertical metal panels which are joined by external seams which “stand” upon the surface. Filled with a hot melt sealant and then clamped until it sets, the roof is virtually leak-proof for as long as it remains on the building. And in terms of style, a standing seam roof is actually quite acceptable in appearance and comes in a variety of colors which will endure years of sun and rain without fading. Another advantage is that because of its lighter overall weight, an existing flat-roofed building can be retrofitted with a standing seam roof without putting undue stress on the structure and vastly enhance the building’s appearance while also adding the other advantages of metal roofing to the structure.

So consider metal as an option for Commercial Roofing in Cleburne TX. Find more information by clicking on the link here.

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