A Guide to Selling Cash For Gold in Wheaton

It seems that no matter what city you may be in, you’re bound to see the “Cash For Gold” or “We Buy Gold” signs. There are even gold parties being held now where companies will find a homeowner to host it, and the host will get a commission on sales. If you need cash for gold Wheaton, you should be thinking about RJ Jewelry & Loan Company. A customer can walk in and receive fast and instant cash for their jewelry. They understand that customers want to come into a safe, trusting, and convenient atmosphere to conduct business.

When selling gold, it’s always best to find a local dealer who has roots in the community. There is no harm in going to three or four local stores and comparing the results they have to offer. This is a safer option than some of the transient gold dealers who blow into town with great pomp and circumstance, rent a space at a hotel, and then blow out of town after paying people far less than they should have. There is nothing wrong with checking out potential buyers with the Better Business Bureau, as well, to ensure there have been no complaints filed against them.

As far as the aforementioned gold parties which are akin to Tupperware parties, sellers need to be aware that while it appears to be a fun, social, and easy way to sell gold, it might not be the best option for the buyer. For starters, both the host and the company that organized the party will get a share of the sales. Also, there are times when the gold is all weighed together, which is disadvantageous for the seller because it is sold at the carat value that is the lowest. Always have your gold weighed separately.

The scales the reputable stores use are examined frequently by the governing states’ Departments of Weights and Measures. That cannot be said of the scales used at house parties or by the hotel dealers. Make sure that your gold is being measured in Troy ounces to ensure a better return. Finally, don’t be bashful when it comes to requesting a buyer’s credentials. If they are reputable (and legitimate), they will have been licensed by the state to be a gold purchaser. They should also ask a seller for some form of official identification as well.

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