Congratulations, Mom-to-Be!

Congratulations, Mom-to-Be!

A woman’s first pregnancy is an exciting, but also the stressful time. There’s so much to do for yourself, for your baby, and your prenatal care. One of the most important things you can do is consult with a trusted holistic natural childbirth specialist who is going to give you the big picture on pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum care for you and your newborn. When you need to know what to expect when you’re expecting, turn to experience and knowledge that you can rely on at Holistic Beginnings.

Take Charge

Over the past twenty years, the realization that pregnancy has become increasingly medicalized is more than a fringe subject in alternative medicine journals. Recent guidelines aim to put more power in the hands of the mother, and curb the clinical and depersonalizing aspects of medicalization at a deeply vulnerable and emotional time. When you are looking for an obstetrician, you should be looking for one that is supportive of your birth choices and responsive to your concerns. This is your body, and your baby – don’t feel you “have to” work with someone who doesn’t treat you well.

Be Informed

Childbirth classes cover a lot more than just preparation for labor and delivery. Moms-to-Be can learn what a healthy pregnancy looks and feels like, options for treating labor pain, how to write a birth plan, and how to cope with the unexpected. This is information that you need to understand what’s going on with your body, and why it does what it does in pregnancy. Every mother needs more than just medical support, but emotional support and care at a time when she is vulnerable. Childbirth classes connect you with other moms, first timers or veterans, who can give the friendship and support that you need to be confident in making good choices for you and your baby.

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