Conducting Maintenance on Your Garage Door in Newton MA

Conducting Maintenance on Your Garage Door in Newton MA

A Garage Door in Newton MA is an important part of a home’s security measures. This movable structure also adds to the exterior appeal of a home. It can be a major inconvenience when a garage door is broken. Performing regular maintenance will let you find defects to fix. Before you do this job, make sure to disconnect the power source to prevent injury and close the garage door all the way. You will need a screwdriver, wrench, household cleaner, hand towels, rubber mallet, level, and a ladder.


The two main parts of a Garage Door in Newton MA are the garage door opener and the garage door itself. This door operates on spring tension. A garage door ascends and descends on metal tracks attached to opposite sides of the exterior garage door opening. Hinges connect the garage door to the rollers, and mounting brackets fasten the tracks to the garage walls. An examination of this hardware will help you find defects.
Inspect the metals tracks of the garage door. Look for damage such as crimps, dents, and flat spots. Using a rubber mallet, pound these back into place. View the mounting brackets. If they are loose, turn the bolts or screws until their tight. Securing mounting brackets facilitates the movement of rollers on the tracks. You may need to replace mounting brackets or hinges that are rusty or damaged beyond repair. Tracks with extensive damage should be replaced as well.

Next, check the placement of the tracks. The vertical part of the tracks should be plumb and parallel to each other. The upper portion of the tracks is horizontal. This portion should slope downward slightly toward the back of the garage. Use a level to ensure the accuracy of these placements. If there is an improper position, remove the mounting brackets to move the track to a proper location. Put the mounting brackets in again. You may have to make new pilot holes. Clean the tracks with a household cleaner and cloth to rid them of grime and debris.

It’s a good idea to inspect your garage door system every few months. Any questions or concerns you have can be answered by a garage door technician like the ones at Collins Overhead Door, Inc., or Visit website of this company.

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