Comprehensive Exterior Services Provided by a Roofer in Fairview Heights

by | Jul 8, 2014 | Roofing

The exterior of your home can be a statement of your personal taste, but it also serves the purpose of protecting you from the elements. The roof, siding, windows, doors and gutters all work together to keep you and your family warm, and dry. Being battered by the elements can take its toll on any structure and when they need to be repaired or replaced, there are professionals who will do the work for you.


Depending on the material it is made of, a roof can last anywhere from fifteen years to the life of the house. Asphalt shingles have the shortest life span: approximately fifteen years; wood and metal roofs can last up to fifty years and slate shingles can last as long as the house is standing; therefore, this can be the most expensive option.

A professional roofer in Fairview Heights can help you determine which material best meets your needs. When choosing roofing material you might not only consider its durability, but also its energy efficiency; metal tile and recycled shingles are generally the most energy efficient roofing materials. When contacting a roofer in Fairview Heights remember you do not always have to replace your roof; these professional can perform inspections, waterproofing, patching, and leak detection and repair. If you can describe your problem they can help you figure out what you need.

Roofs aren’t the only part of your house standing between you and the weather. Your siding and your windows are too. Quality siding can last seven to fifteen years, when it needs to be replaced an exterior service company can do a complete removal of the old siding and replace with new. Windows have a longer lifespan, but generally need to be replaced if they are more than twenty-five years old, if they are sticking or warped. There are a variety of window styles: casement, single hung, slider and fixed. credible Exteriorscompany can help you find the windows that fit your aesthetic taste and energy efficient needs.

When planning the exterior of a new home, or repairing the exterior of your current home, contact an exterior service company. They have the knowledge to help you find the perfect fit for your roof and other exterior needs.

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