Compassion is Key When You Are Choosing a Disability Attorney in Manhattan

by | Aug 17, 2016 | Attorney

Choosing a disability attorney in Manhattan is a very important part of the disability application process. You need an attorney that can help you to navigate the often confusing disability system so that you can get the outcome that you hope for and get all the benefits that are due to you.  There are a few qualities that you will want to look for in an attorney to ensure that you get the help that you need:

1. Experience
2. Focus
3. Compassion


Not every lawyer has the experience that can give you the winning outcome that you need. You want to choose an attorney that has a great deal of knowledge through experience when it comes to disability laws. Experience is an important attribute especially when it comes to claims that are “difficult”.


You want to choose an attorney that really focuses their practice on disability claims. A lot of attorneys make “disability” part of their practice but they do not really focus on it which can be a problem for you. You want to know that you are dealing with an expert that really puts their energy into navigating these difficult to interpret laws.


A great attorney that has the experience AND the focus but that is void of compassion for your situation can make the entire process a little more difficult for you. Clearly if you are applying for disability you have some things that you are already dealing with. You need an attorney that shows you compassion and treats you like a client not a case number.

If you can find an attorney that possesses all of these qualities your case will be a lot less stressful for you to deal with. The name to know is Daniel Berger Attorney at Law for compassionate expert attention. Visit for more details and also like us on Facebook.

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