Commonly Asked Questions You Should Ask A Traffic Attorney In Warrenton, VA

Commonly Asked Questions You Should Ask A Traffic Attorney In Warrenton, VA

In Virginia, traffic violations equate to high costs for most drivers. However, under state laws, they can challenge the citation and avoid these costs in some cases. They can use viable defenses that applied to their individual cases. The following are commonly asked questions you should ask a traffic attorney in Warrenton VA.

What Does It Mean to Challenge a Subjective Conclusion?

To challenge the subjective conclusion, the driver must present evidence to show why it was necessary to break the law. Any condition that implies a consideration of public safety could justify why the driver committed the traffic violation. These conditions could include switching lanes without signaling to prevent an accident or speeding to prevent a collision with faster-moving cars. Evidence of these conditions eliminates the reasoning for issuing the violation.

What are Examples of a Mistake of Fact?

The officer came to the wrong conclusion under certain conditions. These conditions could begin with failing to stop at a crosswalk due to a lack of identifying markings or signs. If the stop sign or speed limit sign isn’t visible, the driver isn’t at fault for speeding or failing to stop. These conditions prevented them from knowing about these requirements.

What are Events that Lead to Legally Justified Conduct?

The driver may need to make a sudden stop due to mechanical troubles. If their vehicle fails suddenly, they are legally justified in stopping in the roadway. These are unavoidable circumstances. Sudden hazards inside the vehicle could also identify a legally justified behavior. For example, bees that fly into the vehicle or the driver’s child starts choking in the backseat are reasons for stopping suddenly.

How Does Necessity Work in These Cases?

The necessity to avoid harm is used as a popular defense in these cases. It identifies a reason in which the traffic violation was conducted to stop harm. For example, the driver was speeding to get away from an attacker or stalker. They were speeding to get out of the way of aggressive drivers. These common reasons identifying necessity.

In Virginia, traffic violations generate revenue for the county. They are used to generate funds to cover the cost of expenses accumulated throughout the year. Drivers who commit traffic violations pay high costs that are used for these purposes. Drivers who need to fight these violations hire a Traffic Attorney in Warrenton VA through Gayheart And Willis today.

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