Choosing the Right Bench Scales for the Job

Choosing the Right Bench Scales for the Job

Do you have the need to weigh things at work? For many companies, getting an accurate weight quickly and conveniently not only saves time, it allows for close monitoring of many processes.Bench scales may be the best choice for you, but what kind should you buy? You have so many choices and options these days, it can be confusing so here are some tips to help you decide.

Do You Have Special Needs?

Some companies can use any quality weighing device. For example, you may use your bench scales to weigh materials from a production line, for quality control purposes. If a product is over or under weight, you know what corrective action to take.

Some facilities may have environments which could be corrosive to machines and cheaper options would be a bad choice. You might need to make comparisons and should consider a check weigh system. There could be a number of special needs for weighing and if this is the case, you should consider a product which provides the kinds of options and settings you need.


Is there a great deal of humidity or moisture in your work area? Perhaps you work around chemicals? If this is the case, you may better off choosing stainless steel construction. On the other hand, under normal conditions, carbon steel will perform well and save you money.

If you periodically wash your scales down, then it’s important to choose a product built for washing.

One Unit or Detachable?

Some bench scales are all one unit while others have the indicator and platform connected by wiring. What you buy should depend on your situation.


Make sure to choose a unit with an easy to see readout. This is very important for areas in low light or with very bright lights. Your industrial scales professionals will help you decide.

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