An Engagement Rings Buyer in Texas Might Be Approached by the Giver or the Recipient

A myriad of reasons can account for why engagements are broken off and why divorces happen. The practical question of who gets the diamond ring after an engagement ends can only be answered by each couple, although often, the person who gave the ring expects to have it back. After a divorce, the person who had been wearing the ring generally keeps it. But not everybody wants the ring after the relationship ends, so they might bring the jewelry to an engagement rings buyer in Texas in exchange for some cash.

The argument over who owns the ring has sometimes been the subject of litigation. That’s particularly likely if the jewelry is a family heirloom that was bestowed upon the fiancee, or if it is more valuable than the norm. The situation can be dicey when the person who gave the ring is the one who ends the relationship. The other individual may feel wronged, and the jewelry might become a symbol of justice.

Interestingly, Texas state law actually addresses the subject. The law considers the ring a conditional gift, meaning that the recipient is expected to return it if the marriage does not occur. A giver can file a lawsuit against his ex if she refuses to return the jewelry. However, the situation gets murky if the person who gave the ring calls off the engagement. The law indicates that there must have been a justifiable reason to do so or the ex-betrothed is allowed to keep the ring. Laws vary by state, so anyone wanting to learn more about the specifics must focus on their particular place of residence while conducting research.

If the giver does not want the ring back, the recipient is free to do whatever she wants with it. She can sell it to an engagement rings buyer in Texas or have it melted down and turned into earrings. She can throw it in a river in a fit of rage, although she is likely to regret this later. Instead, she might visit Franklin Gold & Silver Exchange and learn how much cash she can receive for the item.

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