Choosing Event Centers in Fort Wayne IN

Choosing Event Centers in Fort Wayne IN

Selecting an event venue is a multifaceted process, and many factors go into making a good choice. Planners must make informed decisions based on each venue’s offerings in terms of availability, pricing, location, and accommodations. Below are a few issues to be aware of during the search for Event Centers in Fort Wayne IN.

The Venue Itself

Some venues are essentially empty rooms, while others have multiple floors and a suite of amenities. Planners should familiarize themselves with each venue’s layout. If the event involves multiple workshops or VIP access, planners should choose venues with separate rooms. It’s important to choose a venue that has the resources and space to hold the event, and holders should think about the program’s needs when choosing a site.


Out-of-town guests will greatly appreciate it if the event venue is within a short distance of landmarks, shopping, hotels, and airports. Planners can market their events as a chance to check out the town and its shopping, entertainment, and restaurant districts. For a local conference, consider a location that’s near the majority of attendees.


Parking is another important consideration to make, particularly if most attendees are driving to the event. If the venue’s parking is limited, the planner may want to advise visitors to carpool or take a bus, taxi, or ridesharing service. It’s also important to find out if parking passes or permits are required. Venues typically issue a few permits for staff members, but planners may be able to get a few extra for VIP guests. Where parking is a challenge, consider valet service as well as the opening and closing times of nearby parking garages.

Rental Fees

Venue rental is a large overhead cost and, in most cases, fees are up into the five digit range. Luckily, fees are often negotiable. Pricing can vary depending on demand, and planners can save by holding events during off-peak times. Not only will the cost be lower, the venue’s availability is likely to be higher during times of decreased demand.

It can be difficult to choose the right venue from all the Event Centers in Fort Wayne IN. However, following the tips above can help planners find the right place for meetings, conferences, weddings, and other events. Contact us to learn more or to book the venue for an upcoming event.

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