How to Choose Your Lasik Surgery Provider

How to Choose Your Lasik Surgery Provider

If you have decided to have Lasik surgery to address vision issues or macular disease, you may be wondering who the best Lasik doctor in your area is. How do you find a nearby provider? How can you know that they will give you the excellence of service that you need, and the information and reassurance you want?

Choosing the Right Doctor

Finding a good ophthalmologist is much like finding any other healthcare provider. There are several approaches that have been shown to be successful in tracking down the right professional. Some of these include:

  • Asking your general practitioner for referrals or references
  • Asking family and friends who they see for similar services
  • Contacting your insurance company to inquire about providers in your area or within the field that accept your coverage plan
  • Reaching out to a state or national association of that particular field of medicine – in this case, an ophthalmology association – via the internet, phone or other means to ask for referrals

No matter which avenue you choose, ask for as much information as you can to make yours an informed decision.

Does Your Doctor Pass the Test?

How many references can your doctor provide you with? Is their portfolio or past patient profiles readily available for you to view? Inquire about these things, as they will give you a good idea of whether you’ve found the best Lasik doctor or not. A good ophthalmologist will provide a number of services beyond just Lasik surgery, and will be able to diagnose and treat not only issues with sight but also more serious conditions or diseases of the eye. They will also be able to provide you with care leading up to, during and after your procedure, and continue to care for your eyes after your recovery.

Make sure you choose a doctor that can provide all of this. If they can’t, look somewhere else, or ask for a referral to a doctor that can. Your eyes are important. Know who you’re trusting them to!

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