Check Out the Ford Explorer Today

Check Out the Ford Explorer Today

When you are in need of a replacement vehicle or your first SUV, we invite you to stop in and take a look at the Ford Explorer in Shorewood IL. The Ford Explorer is one of Ford’s best-selling models of vehicles. This SUV features a roomy passenger area that makes it fun and convenient to take a weekend road trip or even an extended vacation across a few states. For your everyday needs, the Ford Explorer is a great choice. It has plenty of room for running errands, taking kids to sports practices or school and doing big grocery runs.

The Ford Explorer has received good safety ratings. This means you can feel confident when driving it in places that have a high rate of accidents. You can also feel at ease driving this SUV on roads that are filled with potholes or that have an uneven surface during repairs or construction. When the ice and snow come during the winter months of the year, the Ford Explorer offers stability and optimal control.

In this SUV, you will also find plenty of high-tech features. The infotainment system provides you with everything you need to know while driving. Some of the trim levels allow you to connect your smartphone for playing your favorite music. You can choose an option that includes navigation. This could be helpful when taking a road trip to a place that you have never visited. Passengers will enjoy the convenience of plenty of leg room, extra storage and cup holders and ports to plug in their devices.

When you are in need of a Ford Explorer in Shorewood IL, contact us at Ron Tirapelli Ford, Inc any time. You can also check out our selection of Ford Explorers online at

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