Check Out Storm Damage Roof Repair in Ann Arbor, MI

Check Out Storm Damage Roof Repair in Ann Arbor, MI

When storms blow through Michigan, the damage can add up. It is important to find reliable, top-quality storm damage roof repair in Ann Arbor MI. If storm damage on the roof is left unrepaired, serious roof leaks can develop and allow expensive interior damage to the home or business. Roof damage can also cause a roof to fail before it would need to and then roof replacement can add a large expense for the building owner to absorb. Local companies such as New Roof Inc. provide repair and replacement roof services at reasonable prices.

Storm Damage

What kind of damage results from severe storms? Severe storms in Michigan can result in roof damage including downed trees landing on roofs, shingles broken, loosened, or blown off, holes in the roof involving both the top layer of shingles and the wood roof sheathing underneath it. Hail and high winds can remove large patches of protective granules. Water can be driven up underneath the shingles causing additional water damage. A compromised roof must be repaired to return it to waterproof protective status. It is easy to hope for the best and ignore the roof until a leak is visible in the interior of the house or business, but that is a bad mistake.

By the time the interior rooms of a building have water leaks, the water has infiltrated the roof and layers of insulation, ceiling material, roof and ceiling joists and possible electrical wiring. To dry everything out, replace damaged materials, and repair or replace the roof is very expensive. No one wants to look at water stained ceilings or have belongings damaged by the dirty water leaks. Roof leaks can damage carpet and wood flooring. Water sitting inside walls and between the floors of a building can cause a dangerous mold infestation.

Be Safe After A Storm

It does not cost much to call in a roofing expert from a company such as New Roof Inc. to inspect the roof and give the owner an accurate damage report. The roof may be just fine, or it may need minor repairs. The important part is catching serious damage in hard to see from below places and repairing the damage to avoid roof leaks in the future. Click here to find out more about storm damage repair.

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