The Changing Face of Senior Care

The Changing Face of Senior Care

Demands for a more responsive, caring healthcare system have finally been heard. The new generation of senior care centers in Bergen County NJ is a far cry from institutionalized nursing homes. Senior facilities are now designed differently and offer different services and facilities.
One of the most important ways elder care has been changing is by offering a greater variety of options. For example, the day care option is one that has become extremely popular in Bergen County NJ for obvious reasons: it allows your loved one to live at home but still receive medical attention and care throughout the day.

Places like Sunshine Adult Day Health Care Center are examples of the new face of senior care. Seniors can participate in recreational activities, watch movies, play games, or exercise in the gym. They also have access to their medical team, with full nursing staff on call.

Also, senior care is individualized and personalized now. Some seniors want to be highly sociable, and others prefer to be by themselves most of the time. Seniors also have different dietary preferences, which can be met easily at day care facilities.

The design and appearance of senior centers have also been changing. One of the biggest complaints people used to have about the older facilities like nursing homes was that they felt clinical and institutional. They were depressing to be in, which defeated the purpose of providing a happy environment where seniors could thrive.

New facilities have a lot of outdoor spaces, and lots of natural light indoors. They have multiple types of public spaces, game rooms, reading rooms, and computer rooms.

Seniors have a lot more choices these days. Take a look at the changing face of senior care and see what options are available for you and your loved ones in Bergan County NJ.

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