Carrying Your Cross – The Many Meanings of Cross Jewelry

The cross has been a popular piece of symbolism in jewelry for many centuries. From the time depicted in the Christian Bible, followers of Jesus have worn pendants representative of their faith and of the concept of “taking up one’s cross”, which means to burden oneself with living the kind of life the Bible asks them to. This is often the motivation behind the cross necklace for men, worn by followers of this faith.

However, those who wear the cross in modern times are not always doing so for religious reasons. There are many superstitions, traditions and conventions surrounding the wearing of the popular cross. Let’s examine some of these, and see how they influence modern jewelry retailers.

Remember Where You Came From

The advent of hip hop culture has caused a surge in the popularity of cross necklaces for men. Often worn as a mark of status and wealth, cross pendants bedazzled with diamonds and other gems – also called “Jesus pieces” are popular among rappers and other traditionally black entertainers. In addition, the symbolism of the cross is regarded as a reminder of where the wearer started out in life, such as the typically religious black communities of the American south – and how far they’ve come during their lifetime.

Back to Your Roots

Of course, the most common reason for wearing a cross is still religious or superstitious. Some wearers may choose cross pendants because they believe they are an agent of protection against evil spirits or forces, while others believe they will be granted the presence of their God while wearing it.

Additionally, many modern jewelry lovers choose the cross shape because of its perceived wholesomeness and familiar, pleasing aesthetic. It is beloved by wearers of all ages and genders, from adult men to young girls. Whatever these people’s motivation, the cross necklace is still just as popular now as it was centuries ago.

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