Breezesta Bar Stool: Bar Collection Series

by | Jul 6, 2016 | Home and Garden

Have you seen those tall stools kept near the counter in the bar? In some places, we can see stools made up of wood whereas in other places it will be made of metal. So let’s find out why bar stools are so popular.

What are Bar Stools?

Bar stools are tall chairs that are made of wood or metal. These stools have a foot rest to support the foot while sitting in the chair. They are very tall and narrow, which allows them to be used in bars and in pubs. In the last few years, bar stools have become so popular that they are now used in homes in the kitchen area. Varied styles of bar stools are now available in the market.

A Breezesta Bar Stool comes with or without armrest, padding and upholstery. The normal height of the bar stool is 76 cm. In some places, especially in modern pubs, the bar stools with a height of 91 cm is used. Most of the bar stools are basic designed stools, but more complex designed bar tools are also designed depending upon the requirements of customers.

Special Features of Bar Stools

Ability to adjust the height: Bar stools are now available with the ability to adjust the height. The hydraulic pump allows you to adjust the height of the stool.

Swivel: Bar stools having the swivel feature is gaining popularity these days. The swivel feature allows a person to turn around without moving the entire stool.

Commercial and Residential Stools: Bar stools are now classified into two categories. They are commercial stools and residential stools. Commercial bar stools are tested by manufacturers to make sure they can resist the wear and tear arising due to rough and commercial use. Residential bar stools like the Breezesta Bar Stool offer homeowners this type of comfortable seating for indoor or outdoor use.
Breezesta Bar Stools are attractive looking chairs which are normally seen in pubs and bars. Its modernized versions are now available for residential use. If you are planning to buy a Breezesta Bar Stool, please contact us today! You can visit our Facebook page also!

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