Blank Labels for Thermal Printers

Thermal transfer printers work very effectively to create an image on blank labels. Where designed for an actual image or lettering, these printers work with most sticker type labels. It is important to choose the right type of label based on the type of thermal printer you have and what your plans for use are. A few key things to keep in mind when choosing these products are the following.

When you need blank labels, first think about the type of printer you have. Direct thermal and thermal transfer are two different types. For example, you’ll need to choose labels that work in a direct thermal system if that is the type of printer you have. This printer does not use a ribbon for the actual printing. Traditional thermal transfers, on the other hand, does have a ribbon. The labels themselves are sometimes interchangeable, but this depends on the actual printer you are using.

Blank label benefits

It is also important to know the benefits and features of this type of blank labels. For example, thermal media images will fade over time. The label will not hold up when there is overexposure to heat or light. If this is a key concern you have, it may be time to upgrade to a direct thermal transfer printer and the labels for that printer.

The blank labels available to you range widely. This gives you plenty of options to choose from when it comes to labeling whether at home or at work. Choose from a range of sizes and styles. Look for the colors and features that make your labels effective. Most importantly, you’ll want to choose labels you can rely on to provide exceptional quality to you. Remember to choose thermal transfer blank labels designed for your specific printer needs.

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