Big or Cut Off? Curtain Hardware in Long Island NY for Dazzling Curtains

It is the small features that sometimes amount to a lot, and a specific piece of Curtain Hardware in Long Island NY could be just the tool. There are two ways to use curtain hardware rods that could offer a unique take on traditional window curtains. They could hang short or hang long, and the difference is huge.

Drapery Arms

Stylistically, a curtain rod usually hangs over the top of the window. It spans across the top in a wide and visually appealing design type. This also allows the curtains to hang wide between the windows and be moved left and right to accommodate a very specific amount of light. Drapery arms are peculiar but innovative. Drapery arms are two distinct pieces of Curtain Hardware in Long Island NY that do not connect over the top of the window. This allows two separate curtains to hang below two separate drapery rods. It is a dazzling design choice that can initially seem limited. By design, it does not allow the curtains to be moved across the window. But, the stylistic choice is so daring and enthralling it more than makes up for the interestingly restricted practical feature.

One Long Rod Beyond the Curtains

Elongated rooms with a wonderful balance can greatly benefit from one long singular rod. Design-wise, it can actually cover the entire span of one side of the room. It should only be applied in rooms that have a nice radiant and large feature. For example, a thick and gorgeous floor rug can gloriously help in making that elongated rod look even more wonderful. The rod itself could easily hang beyond the curtains, which gives a lot of depth to their use. It almost creates a spa-like ambiance that is rarely replicated in the home.

The curtains are whimsical and sensational, and many homeowners stress the elegant flowing nature of the curtains. But, many overlook the use of the Interiors by J.C. Landa rods. Rods which are cut off at the top create a unique design, and rods that accentuate down the span of a wall space could make for an exaggerated look. Will it always work? Perhaps not. But, it is exactly the type of approach that makes certain home decors stunning spectacles worthy of a magazine cover.

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