How to Find the Best Moving Services in Tulsa

How to Find the Best Moving Services in Tulsa

Finding a reliable moving service is the first and the foremost step toward making your moving not just successful, but also less stressful. Here are a few points that can help you choose one of the best moving services in Tulsa.

  • Start local:. Get recommendations for moving services. Tulsa has several good movers from which to choose.
  • Try to find a company that is in business for several years. Visit their office and storage facilities and check if their trucks are marked with company name and logos.
  • Get an in-house estimate from a couple of moving services. If the company doesn’t agree to an in-house estimate, find one that does. Also make sure that the estimate includes everything, even items in the basement, garage, attic, backyard, storage rooms, etc.
  • Find out if the company has sufficient staffing to perform the move. Will the company be subcontracting much of the work to another company? If so, it is better to find one which has the resources and staffing to do the job by itself. Also, find out if background checks are done before hiring? Will there be temporary staff involved with your move?
  • Will there be a single point of contact?
  • Take the time to understand the quote provided by the company.
  • Better to do a background check. If you are moving across state, find out if the moving company has the mandatory license and insurance to be legally authorized to provide moving services. You can go to the Federal Motor Safety Carrier Administration website to find out if the mover has DOT or MC license numbers. For local moves, contact the state moving association to check on the moving company’s licenses.
  • See if the movers provide you a copy of “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move”, as is required by Federal Regulations, when you are moving interstate.
  • Will there be valuation coverage? There are two kinds of insurances provided by movers: Full value protection is the one where the mover is liable for any item that is damaged or lost during the move, but will incur additional cost. Released value protection comes at no additional cost, but offers limited liability.
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