Best long-term investment options in India

If you have been considering a major long-term decision with regards to investments, it is crucial to be well-acquainted with the options currently available for you. Any long-term investment is usually deployed throughout a period of at least 5-6 years or even more than 10-15 years at times.

Public Provident Fund (PPF)- It is one of the best and safest options, which is also tax-free. PPF account opened in any bank or post office will have your money locked in for a period of 15 years and will earn compound interest. However, less liquidity is a minus point.

Mutual fund- It is preferred by those who want to invest in equities and bonds with a balance of risk and return. In recent years, it has emerged to be very popular.

Direct equity or share purchase- if you know how to analyse a share or stock before buying, then this is most profitable option for you in the long run. Even though it involves risks, if you can invest for a long term of more than 15 years, higher returns are expected.

Real estate investment- a booming industry in India, real estate has huge prospects in all the major sectors like housing, commercial, manufacturing, hospitality, retail, etc. Real estate investments in India guarantee a return of 30% to 100% annually, though you have to do adequate research to earn maximum profits.

Company fixed deposits- company FDs are preferred to bank FDs for their higher interest rates. You have to carefully choose the period of investment since you cannot withdraw the cash prior to maturity. These are not covered under any insurance benefit and are also not governed by the Reserve Bank of India.

Investing in gold- it is a preferred option as it ensures liquidity. You can invest in any format like Gold deposit scheme, Gold ETF, Gold bar, Gold mutual fund, etc. With more than 10-15 years point of view, the return will surely be good.

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