Benefits of Chimney Relining in Hagerstown MD

A chimney liner will serve to protect your house from heat transfer to combustibles such as wood structures, which would otherwise pose as hazard in your home. A liner will also protect your chimney structure from corrosive byproducts of combustion. Moreover, by preventing the flue gases from penetrating to the brick and mortar, the chimney liner will effectively extend the usable life of the chimney. Such gases contain acid which eats away at the mortal joints. Various factors that contribute towards liner damage necessitating relining of your chimney include incorrect size, insufficient cleaning, thermal shock, chimney fire as well as deterioration from acidic flue gases. Here are some of the benefits to be derived from chimney relining in Hagerstown MD.

Improved draft

Relined chimneys will generally enhance the provision of warmer flue temperatures which will have a positive impact on draft. Warmer chimneys provide warmer air, which rises faster, improving the draft.

Improved safety

A chimney that is poorly maintained is not only problematic but also dangerous. There will be potential risk of improper drawing of flue, which will lead to problems of condensation and leaks. Worse still, it will pose the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning which is fatal or even the risk of the house catching fire. A chimney liner will guarantee the air tightness of the chimney flue and the safety of use. Relining is particularly essential when you are converting your furnace or boiler installation from one fuel to another, in which case your chimney may present unknown safety hazards.

Lengthening the chimney’s lifespan

By protecting the chimney masonry and joints from heat, as well as protecting the chimney from the corrosion that would otherwise be inflicted by the acidic flue gases emanating from the fire, a chimney liner will ultimately prolong the usable life of your chimney. Besides, once your chimney degenerates after being exposed to these destructive gases, heat and smoke, it will lead to leaks, higher chances of fire as well as increased energy loss.

Now that you are well informed on the merits of having chimney relining Hagerstown MD, you may want to have your chimney relined as soon as possible. Contact Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps to access quality chimney services in Frederick MD and Hagerstown MD.

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