Tire Shops in Paramus, NJ Recommend Checking Air Pressure Often

by | Aug 18, 2014 | Automobiles

It may be obvious that the condition of your vehicle is important. For the major issues, you know to have your car checked. What about your tires? Are you aware of how to make sure they are in the best shape? Most car owners neglect these four rubber objects. Many people do not even check the pressure of their tires. If they did, it could increase safety and help car performance.

Aside from the safety factor, the air pressure in your tires can influence the way your car drives and how often you have to fill up the tank. Improper inflation puts added stress on your car’s tires and can produce excessive wear. This may be common knowledge for many folks, and yet tire pressure goes unchecked. According to most tire experts from Tire Shops in Paramus NJ, you should check tire pressure weekly or, at least every month, depending on weather conditions.

You should always check air pressure before attempting to add more air. With a tire gauge and available air stream, there is no excuse for not having the proper air pressure in your tires. Tires gauges are inexpensive and air is readily available at most gas stations and, in many cases, free.

The gauge is a pencil shape tool that you insert the head of onto the tire valve steam. At the other end of the gauge is a piece with lines on it that will release and push out revealing the level of air in the tire. Expect a little air to release upon first insertion.

The proper PSI, or pounds per square inch, level for the tire is usually marked on the tire. You can also get this information from the vehicle’s manual.
As simple as this process may be, people still find anything relating to maintaining vehicle health intimidating. Thankfully, places such as Tire Shops in Paramus NJ exist where you can take your car and leave it to a professional. This is an ideal option for both men and women who just want to ensure that it is done correctly. Visit site for more information about maintaining your car’s optimal health.


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