Benefits of Hiring a Divorce Law Firm in Mesa, AZ

When a couple decides to get divorced, it can be a very stressful, sad, financially-draining time in their life. In order for a person to make sure that their interests protected, they should consider hiring a divorce law firm in Mesa, AZ. There are several ways a divorce lawyer can make the whole process easier.

Division of Assets

When a couple is married, they often accumulate assets during the marriage. This can include a house, vehicles, retirement funds, stocks, bonds, furniture, and electronics. When they decide to get divorced, these assets would need to be divided evenly or sold, and the profit would be split between both spouses. If an individual wants to be sure that they are getting everything that they are entitled to, they should hire a divorce lawyer.

Child Custody and Support

When a couple has children together, it can make the divorce very complicated. Not only would the custody of the children need to be figured out, but a child support order would need to be determined as well. In some cases, one parent will want custody, and the other will want visitation. The divorce attorneys for both parties will make sure that their clients are getting a fair deal. The same is true with child support. If both parties want custody of the children, it can make things very complicated. The only way that a parent has a chance of getting custody is if they have an attorney on their side.

Spousal Support

If one spouse worked to support the family and the other stayed home to care for the children, the spouse who stayed home would be eligible to receive spousal support. Whether the spouse will be the one paying or the one collecting the money, they will need a divorce attorney to make sure that they are getting a fair deal.

Expert Advice

Most people don’t know much about divorce. When a person is considering divorcing their spouse, they may need to get advice from an attorney. Just sitting down for a consultation with a divorce attorney can give the individual an idea of whether or not they want to proceed and end the marriage.

If a person wants a divorce or they are thinking about it, they should contact a divorce law firm in Mesa, AZ. For more information contact the law firm of Janet R. Feeley L.L.C. or visit .

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