Before You Visit a Gold Jewelry Shop in Charlton MA to Buy Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the biggest impulse purchases that many people may make today. The reason for that may be simple: Beautiful gold jewelry can catch the eye and ignite the imagination like almost nothing else. The only problem with making an impulse purchase at a local Gold Jewelry Shop in Charlton MA is that you might not be fully aware of what you have. Gold jewelry is a good investment and is one that will serve its owner well for the long term. However, there are several gold variants that can make a big difference in both value and wearability. Read on to find out the must-know info on gold jewelry today.

Know the Karat

When browsing at a local Gold Jewelry Shop in Charlton MA, it is important to know the differences in gold karat weights. The karat weight refers to the purity of the metal. Perfectly pure gold (something very rarely seen in jewelry pieces) is marked with a “24k” mark, which signifies that it is 100 percent gold and contains no base metal at all. A more common form of gold for jewelry is 18 karat, marked as “18k.” This type of gold is brilliant sunny yellow and is quite pliable. Because of its softness, it may be better used in pieces that won’t have to stand up to a lot of daily abuse. An 18 karat gold piece has 6 parts of base metal, usually brass or copper. You can visit here to get more information.

A 14 karat gold piece is 14 parts gold and 10 parts base metals. This karat is used more often than any other karat of gold for jewelry pieces, thanks to its durability and attractive golden color. Finally, 10 karat gold, designated with a “10k” mark, is 14 parts base metal and 10 parts gold. It is the least costly of the gold types, as well as the most durable. However, 10 karat gold has a less “true gold” appearance, bordering on a brassy look.

If the gold jewelry has any engraving, especially if it is intricate engraving, much of the cost may be derived from that. A simple gold piece will almost always be considerably less costly than an ornate one, regardless of whether it has stones or not. If you’re in the market for new gold at a good price, call Cormier Jewelers or check out their website now.

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