Bee Removal in Plano, TX: Details Every Homeowner Should Know

For a property owner, few things are worse than discovering an active bee hive at your home or on your land. Nesting sites can contain hundreds of bees, and their painful stings can cause inflammation, irritation, and can even attract other bees. Plus, if left alone, colonies will slowly grow on the surface, spreading bigger and attracting even more bees. You may be tempted to try removing the hive yourself, but doing so can be incredibly dangerous and lead to swarms violently defending their home. Instead, call Wildlife X Team, a group of trained professionals fully equipped to handle bee removal in Plano, TX.

What Habitats Attract Bees?

Knowing the natural habitats where bees choose to build their nests can help you prevent future hives, but it can also help you if you’re looking for an existing hive. In nature, bees get protection from predators and the elements by building nests inside tree crevices and under objects like rocks or thick trees that provide shelter and stability. In urban landscapes bees look for anything that mimics this kind of protection, so expect to find them in small spaces such as attic beams, fences, under porches and decks, and under or around awnings. Bees also make their homes in shaded spaces, as too much sunlight can overheat the nest. This means the gap between or inside walls is a perfect spot for potential beehives.

What Happens If I Don’t Have The Hive Removed?

Bees are a beneficial insect for many ecosystems as they go about pollinating plants and creating honey and beeswax. This means it is possible for humans to simply ignore bee hives and coexist with them, but if the hive is attached to a critical area of your property, action is important. If left unattended, there is a chance the hive will naturally grow to problematic proportions, adding weight to a wall or covering important parts. If you use some sort of chemical to kill the bees but neglect to remove the hive, it could end up leaking honey. This will not only damage your walls, but will also attract more pests to your home.

What Can I Do To Remove Bees From My Home?

Under no circumstance should you attempt to remove the hive or its bees from your property yourself. Doing the job properly requires experience and tools, and doing it improperly means risking painful stings from an angry bee swarm. Instead, contact the professionals at Wildlife X Team, who offer bee removal services in Plano, TX. A call to Wildlife X Team will save you time, frustration, and harmful stinging!

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