Basic Information About Compensation For Product Liability Claims

You’ve probably have heard about product recalls on the news, or you may have received a letter about a class action lawsuit regarding a product you own. Although those recalls or lawsuits may not have pertained to you, if you have used a product and have been injured or taken ill after using it, you should consult with an attorney. If the product has already been recalled or a class action lawsuit has already been filed regarding injuries or illnesses similar to yours, you may be able to seek compensation by joining the lawsuit.

Product Liability Law

Product liability claims can be complicated since there are no federal product liability laws, so claims are based on state laws regarding faulty products. This means that your attorney could be seeking compensation from a large multinational company, which can be difficult as large companies have enough money to keep a lawsuit at bay for years. However, if your attorney can find information on a class action lawsuit or information showing that the company knew the product was defective, he or she may be able to get a settlement for you.

Basis of Claims

The legal theories for product liability claims usually involve negligence on behalf of the manufacturer, strict liability, or breach of warranty claims. Strict liability means something wrongful has occurred, but it doesn’t require finding fault with the manufacturer. Breach of warranty is when the seller fails to fulfill the terms of a product’s claims or misrepresents the quality of a product. If one of these can be proven, then a claim can be successful.

Since it can take several years for product liability claims to be settled, it is often to the plaintiff’s advantage to be part of a class action suit and seek compensation with others who have the same claims. To know more basic information about compensation for product liability claims visit website

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