Bail Bonds Service in Tarrant County Is Available for Men and Women Arrested for Insurance Fraud

Bail Bonds Service in Tarrant County Is Available for Men and Women Arrested for Insurance Fraud

It’s a terrifying moment when an upstanding member of the community is faced with an arrest warrant for a white-collar crime such as insurance fraud. A judge may set bail high enough that it cannot be paid in cash, and the family is scared to take out a second loan on the house. Agencies providing Bail Bonds Service in Tarrant County can help. For a service fee that is a percentage of the bail, they post a bond that allows the defendant to be released.

The penalties for being convicted of insurance fraud vary a great deal depending on the type of insurance and the amount that was, essentially, stolen from the company.

Car Insurance Fraud

A vehicle owner might run into a stationary object and cause significant damage to the car. If this policyholder does not have collision coverage, he or she might file a claim through the uninsured motorist part of his or her policy. The claim might state that a hit-and-run driver caused serious damage to the car when it was parked on the street. Because this type of claim requires a police report, information may later come to light that this vehicle owner actually caused the damage.

Renter’s and Homeowner’s Insurance Fraud

Another fraudulent situation occurs when people include highly valuable items in their homeowner’s or renter’s insurance and later report those possessions as stolen. They might never have actually owned these items. They may have sold the possessions because they needed cash or they may have stashed the goods at a friend’s place for safekeeping. To convince police that an actual crime occurred, they bust through the lock, empty dresser drawers onto the floor and ransack cabinets.

Bail Bonds and Legal Representation

All of these men and women may need help from a Bail Bonds Service in Tarrant County. They also need assistance from an experienced defense attorney who might be able to win the case or at least negotiate a favorable plea bargain. Being out of jail makes it easier to work with the attorney on the case and also to try maintaining some sense of normality. Anyone in this kind of situation may Contact us at Vaughn’s Cowtown Bail Bonds.

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