An Alternative to Cash Bail in Greene County, NY for People Struggling Financially

An Alternative to Cash Bail in Greene County, NY for People Struggling Financially

A movement to eliminate cash bail is gaining momentum in various parts of the country. Some jurisdictions have begun experimenting with this, and California has even decided to do so throughout the state. The rest of the country still follows the traditional system. When a person is arrested, they will likely be assigned a certain amount of cash bail in Greene County, NY.

Cash Bail and Bail Bonds

Cash bail in Greene County, NY must be paid to the court or the defendant must stay in jail. The exception would be when the defendant can arrange for a bond to be posted by a bail bonds agency. Regaining freedom quickly is extremely important for most people who have been arrested. Otherwise, they are likely to lose their job or have to drop out of school at least for the semester.

A Sense of Injustice

Being arrested and held in jail without being convicted of a crime may almost feel like being kidnapped. The person has unexpectedly been taken away from home and family and charged with a criminal offense they may not have committed. The defendant is locked in a cage of sorts in relatively uncomfortable conditions. Waiting for someone to figure out a way to post a bond is the only option now.

People dealing with this situation also commonly realize how unequal the bail system is. Defendants charged with the same offense vary a great deal in their ability to pay bail. Someone who has a relatively high income pays bail and leaves. Someone who is struggling financially cannot do so. The system definitively favors defendants with money over those who have very little. People who cannot pay bail can contact an organization such as Bernardo-Goldstein & Quinn Agency Inc. for help.

Cautious Reform

Bail reform advocates understand they must be cautious because certain changes could make the system worse for many people. If bail were eliminated, judges could refuse to allow release for many more defendants. Bail is intended to motivate the person to appear at all scheduled court dates since the cash is refunded if the defendant does so.

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