Bail Bonding Companies in Clayton County Help Defendants Regain Freedom Quickly

Bail Bonding Companies in Clayton County Help Defendants Regain Freedom Quickly

After bail is set in a court hearing, often the fastest way to get out of jail is for a friend or relative to contact one of the bail bonding companies in Clayton County. Many defendants cannot afford cash bail and don’t have enough collateral, so acquiring a bond for a fee is their best option. With these companies typically being open 24 hours a day, coming up with the fee and arranging for the bond can be done relatively quickly.

In contrast, trying to obtain enough money for cash bail can take a long time, and it might be impossible. Help from more than one close friend and a family member may be needed to gather that amount, which means contacting numerous people who possibly could help.

A Harrowing Experience

Being arrested tends to be a harrowing experience. Being locked up in jail is scary. Figuring out how to be released from jail becomes paramount. The defendant must get back to work quickly or risks being evicted from an apartment. Child custody may be at risk. Bail bonding companies in Clayton County help these individuals regain their freedom.

An Example

Consider a situation in which bail is set at $3,000. That amount may be far out of reach for the defendant. If the bonding service charges a ten percent fee, the individual only must come up with $300. Unlike cash bail, that fee is nonrefundable, but it allows the person to get out of jail rapidly. The only other options would be to wait until the full bail could be accumulated with the help of friends and family or for a lawyer to convince a judge to reduce the bail amount. That second option often is unsuccessful.

Feeling Relief as the Situation Is Resolved

As the defendant or someone calling for this person makes contact with a company such as Free at Last Bail Bonds, relief from all the stress starts to be felt. Everyone is upset and confused, but the bail bonds representative takes charge and immediately takes steps to resolve this situation. Anyone who needs this type of service may begin with the website

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