Arrested for DUI in Berkeley Springs, WV? Hire an Experienced Lawyer

Good people make mistakes every day. Sometimes those mistakes only have a minor impact on their daily life and other times, one mistake can have a lifelong impact. One of these errors in judgment is drinking and driving. By now, everyone knows it’s against the law but in some cases, the driver doesn’t think they are too impaired to drive safely. However, the blood alcohol testing device may say otherwise. Being Arrested for DUI in Berkeley Springs, WV can impact various areas of a person’s life.

Fortunately, merely being arrested does not mean a driver will be found guilty of DUI. Every person who is charged with a crime has a right to defend themselves in court. In order to have a good chance of being acquitted of the charges, it’s essential to Contact The Wagner Law Firm as soon as possible after the arrest. The sooner a lawyer gets involved, the sooner they can begin defending their client’s rights and advocating for them throughout the legal process.

A lot of things tend to change after a person is convicted of driving under the influence. Some of these changes may even start to occur shortly after a driver is Arrested for DUI in Berkeley Springs, WV. The state will act to suspend the suspect’s driving privileges, so if they don’t request a hearing, they’ll have to find another way to get around. Insurance rates, for those who are even able to get car insurance, are going to increase significantly. They’ll stay high for quite some time if the driver is convicted. Because DUI is a criminal offense, it will appear on the report every time a potential landlord or employer requests a copy of their criminal record.

By hiring an attorney, an accused DUI offender may be able to avoid a lot of the consequences of a conviction. A lawyer may be able to help a client keep their driver’s license by defending them at the state hearing. An experienced DUI lawyer may also be able to provide enough reasonable doubt to get their client acquitted at or before their criminal trial.

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