An Auto Accident Injury Attorney in Bellingham, WA Considers These Factors When Settling Cases

An Auto Accident Injury Attorney in Bellingham, WA Considers These Factors When Settling Cases

If someone is injured in an auto accident for which they aren’t responsible, they may be able to receive damages and compensation from the at-fault party. The other driver’s insurance adjuster may provide a quick settlement offer, but these are usually low. An auto accident injury attorney in Bellingham, WA can offer advice on getting a fair settlement after considering the factors listed below.

Medical Bills

The severity of the injury doesn’t really matter. Whether it’s complex surgery or a visit to a primary care physician, all accident-related medical bills should be included in the settlement request even if they were covered by insurance.

Future Costs

Some accident injuries result in the need for continued care. Prescription drug costs, further surgeries and physical therapy all fall into this category. An accident lawyer can hire economists and other industry witnesses to project a client’s future monetary losses.

Property Damage

If a person’s property was damaged in an auto accident, these costs should be added to the settlement estimate. This can include damage to the vehicle, the home or the victim’s personal belongings.

Future Lost Income

If the victim’s injuries will cause them to miss work, or they leave them unable to work at all, lost earnings should be part of the settlement. However, the figure can be hard to determine, especially if the victim has dependents. An auto accident injury attorney in Bellingham, WA will assess the situation and arrive at a fair settlement based on the client’s projected losses.

Pain and Suffering

Personal injury lawyers can help determine the value of the client’s accident-related pain and suffering. There’s no formula to predict a victim’s pain and suffering, and the final figure is often closely related to the total accident-related economic losses and the severity of the injury.

An auto accident lawyer will be able to arrive at a fair settlement amount based on these factors, and they can offer compelling reasons why the figure is fair. Lawyers can also negotiate with the other driver’s insurance company to maximize the client’s compensation. To talk to a lawyer today, click here or call the office for a consultation.

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