An Administrative Lawyer in Topeka, KS Is There Throughout the Process

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Administrative law covers the regulation and administration of programs run by government agencies such as USCIS and Social Security, and it applies to state and federal agencies. Here, potential clients can learn about the basics of administrative law.

Administrative Law Is Different Than Other Areas of Law

The primary difference between administrative and other areas of law is that administrative law cases are handled in the administrative court system. Here, parties appear before a tribunal rather than a judge. The tribunal, or council, is typically composed of those trained in a certain area of administrative law. These courts have separate regulations and rules, which typically differ from those of criminal or civil courts. It’s important for parties to understand these differences when appearing in court with an Administrative Lawyer in Topeka, KS.

Case Types

There are multiple types of cases heard in administrative court, as listed below.

  • Regulatory cases: when new laws are implemented they may conflict with people and businesses. Parties can appeal the law with an administrative court. For instance, a business can appeal EPA regulations because they adversely affect operations.
  • Enforcement cases: when government agencies initiate hearings against a statutory violator, an enforcement case has started. For instance, when USCIS starts deportation proceedings on an illegal immigrant, the goal is to enforce existing immigration laws.
  • Entitlement cases: these cases often involve denial of workers’ compensation or Social Security benefits. If a person feels that they’ve been denied benefits to which they are entitled, they can appeal the denial in administrative court.

These cases are all unique, and no two have the same outcome. Those wishing to appeal a deportation, workers’ compensation denial or regulation should consult an administrative law attorney who can protect their rights.

Do Plaintiffs and Defendants Need Attorneys to Help in Administrative Law Cases?

An administrative lawyer in Topeka, KS can explain how federal or state law affects a party’s case, and they can provide legal representation. Moreover, an administrative attorney with Debenham Law knows the ins and outs of the administrative law system, and they can guide the client through the entire process.

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