Amenities the Best Veterinarian Hospital in Ft. Meade Will Provide For Your Exotic Pets

Amenities the Best Veterinarian Hospital in Ft. Meade Will Provide For Your Exotic Pets

Do you worry about taking your exotic pet to the vet because you might have to leave him? Exotics often have special needs and you worry about leaving your pet with a vet that doesn’t provide those needs. The Best Veterinarian Hospital in Ft. Meade, such as Gambrills Veterinary Center, will have these amenities for your exotic.

Temperature Controlled Incubators

Many exotics require certain temperatures or comfort and health. A great vet will have incubators with temperature controls so that your pet will be as warm or as cool as needed. You can even tell the vet what temperature your pet is the most comfortable or is used to at home and they will set the incubator to that temperature. For example, chinchillas don’t like getting too warm and you might keep yours in a cool room. Not everyone does, but you can tell the vet that your chinchilla prefers that cool temp and they will provide it.

Humidity Controlled Units

Many exotics also require certain humidity. The most difficult are reptiles that require high humidity. You know you have to keep the humidity high by leaving dishes of water, misting the cage with water, and keeping an eye on temperature. A vet doesn’t have time to do all that for your pet. The Best Veterinarian Hospital in Ft. Meade will take care of this issue by using humidity controlled units. These fancy cages will keep your pet at the exact humidity he needs for comfort and health.

Quiet Rooms

Some exotics, such as the sugar glider, are skittish and prefer quiet. Loud noises, such as loud talking or dogs barking, will stress out your pet and that won’t help with the healing process. The best vet will have quiet rooms for these exotics. They rooms will be far away from the hustle and bustle of the business and away from the other noisy pets. Some vets will even have special units that cancel sound. Your pet inside won’t hear anything outside.

These three things are necessary for your pet to feel better and come home to you faster. A vet knowledgeable in exotics will provide these things and you’ll feel better knowing your pet is in safe hands.


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