Amazingly Strong Bullet Proof Glass Now Available

by | Sep 4, 2015 | Safety Equipment

Guns are certainly prevalent in our society. While the majority of gun owners are certainly law abiding citizens and use them only for the purposes for which they were intended, there are certainly more than a few bad apples out there who are threatening our very peace and security. Crowded buildings with lots of glass are especially vulnerable in such situations as bullets can take many different turns when passing through, and the breaking of the glass itself can cause serious injury. This often leads to even more mayhem. Because of this, it is important to consider bullet proof glass as a viable way of protecting the occupants of high profile or high-traffic buildings.

Protecting Occupants from Errant Bullets

Innocent bystanders are all too often on the receiving end of a mad man or woman who seeks to maim, kill, and destroy as many people as they can without being caught. One way to protect yourself, and the occupants inside a building, is to reinforce windows that are facing the outside will glass that will quite easily resist bullets that are fired its way. Such glass can be put on doors, windows, and panels. The effects are equally as powerful. In addition, it is important to note that modern technology has made bullet proof glass today more effective and reliable than ever before.

When you are considering the purchase of such glass, you want to go with a supplier that carries and manufacturers only the best. This involves a comprehensive process that results in bullet resistant glass that is set to UL752 protection levels. This is the maximum level of bullet resistance that is available on the market today. In addition, the windows themselves can come in protection levels ranging from UL-1 to UL-8, so depending on your need, you will find the glass that best suits your particular situation.

Customer Service Designed to Comfort You

If you are looking for bullet proof glass, you want to make certain that you are ordering the right level of protection. This is often difficult to know unless dealing with a seasoned professional that truly knows the industry and understands the possibilities that are out there. What you need will likely depend on where you are located in the world and what your specific threat level for needing protection of this sort. Different levels of glass will protect against different kinds of bullets. Some glass today is even designed to protect against new armor-piercing bullets, so keep that in mind as well. Contact an experienced professional today to get an assessment of your needs and determine what you should do moving forward.

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