Is Your Air Conditioner in Grand Rapids, MI Ready for Next Year?

Once the summer’s hot weather is over, most people shut off their AC unit and don’t think much about it until spring. That’s not always a good idea, as units frequently need service or repairs after working hard to keep a home comfortable during the area’s hot months. AC experts recommend homeowners contact a service professional for service or repairs now.

Take Care of Problems Before the Unit is Needed Again

An Air Conditioner in Grand Rapids MI might not need major repairs, but all units should be serviced every year to make sure they’re functioning properly. Consider having the AC looked at now so any issues can be identified and dealt with before the hot weather returns. If repairs are needed, there won’t be any problem having the unit out of service during the repairs.

Should an Update Be Considered?

While older AC units may still function, most tend to cost far more to operate than today’s energy-efficient models. Now may be a great time to talk to the AC experts about upgrading to a new Amana unit. The energy savings alone will significantly offset some of the costs involved with purchasing and installing a new system. Having a new AC unit installed also means fewer repairs will be needed in coming years.

New Thermostats Keep Homes More Comfortable

At the same time an air conditioner is serviced, homeowners are also encouraged to upgrade older thermostats to better meet today’s needs. Many times, no one is home during the day, which means the home doesn’t need to be cooled during those hours. New thermostat models allow homeowners to automatically adjust interior temperatures based on the family’s real needs. It pays to discuss the options with an AC expert to determine which model would be best for a specific home.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

For a new air conditioner in Grand Rapids MI or for service, waiting until the last minute can create problems. The experts generally agree now is a great time to service your current system or consider the installation of a new one. Visit us now for more information or to schedule a service call.

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