Advantages of Using a Mini-Split Ductless System for a Home’s Cooling System

by | Jul 8, 2014 | Air Cooling & Heating

Homeowners who are interested in replacing or need to add to the cooling system in their home may want to consider a Mini-Split Ductless System instead of a traditional forced air unit. This type of system can be much easier to install and it can often offer cost savings on the home’s utility bills as well.

This type of system is designed in a much different way than a traditional unit. Like a traditional forced air unit, it has a condenser and compressor, which are generally housed outside of the home. However, instead of having one central blower, each room to be cooled as its own blower unit. Copper tubing brings the coolant to the blower. It then can cool the air before it is blown into the room through a wall or ceiling mounted fan in the room.

A Mini-Split Ductless System can be much easier to set up as a homeowner can decide how many rooms he or she wants to add to the new system. This factor combined with the ability to turn each room’s blower on or off independently, provides the homeowner with a great way to save energy and lower utility costs.

This type of system can be a great addition to a traditional unit as well. Sometimes after a room has been added or a room like the basement has been finished, there will be no ducts in the area to provide cool air. Often these additions to an existing system can be costly. By using a mini-split system, this price can sometimes be much less.

Using this type of system is generally much quieter than having an air conditioner in the window or other types of systems. This is because the noisy elements of the system, like the condenser and compressor are outside where the noise will not be bothersome. This can help in keeping the environment in the home peaceful as well as cool.

This type of system can also be beneficial in the colder months of winter as it will absorb heat from the sunlight outside and move the heat into the home through the same copper tubing. This will enable the home to be heated as well. For more information on the benefits of this type of system, contact ETNA Prestige Technologies.

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