Adding To Your Services With Used Chemistry Lab Equipment

For labs that are growing in size and capacity or increasing the range of testing and analysis they are able to provide, choosing used chemistry lab equipment can offer a very cost-efficient way to build up laboratory capacity.

Many people assume used lab equipment is going to be old or outdated. This is simply not accurate as newer models of chemistry lab equipment from top manufacturers are always coming onto the market.

This equipment can be available because of laboratories closing, testing and research facilities changing their scope of services or because of laboratories combining with other labs to handle different types of testing requirements. All of these factors can combine to provide newer and recent used models of lab testing equipment for sale.

Saving Money

One of the biggest benefits in choosing used chemistry lab equipment is the cost savings that are possible. By choosing fully refurbished equipment from a top company, it will be like new and fully tested, upgraded and ready to use.

The cost of used chemistry lab equipment can be up to 70% of the cost of new equipment. This is a very big cost savings and can fully eliminate the need for financing of equipment that locks the lab into long-term payments.

With the lower cost of the equipment, it may be possible to add further to your equipment inventory. For the price of one new testing system, it may be possible to purchase several machines, adding to the volume or the types of testing possible.

It is important to choose used, refurbished equipment for a chemistry lab from a trusted company. Research online to find a reputable, dependable and highly rated testing equipment refurbishing company and buy directly from their site, ensuring you will have the warranty and the customer service you expect.

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