Adding To Consumer Satisfaction With Outdoor Misting Fans For Restaurants

Dining on the patio or al fresco is a very popular option in virtually all parts of the world. The ability to sit outside and enjoy a wonderful meal in beautiful weather is something that can make a typical lunch or dinner into something special.

Restaurants, cafés, bars, grills and even food trucks can take full advantage of the desire of their customers to sit outside if they add patio misting fans to their outdoor seating areas. Without the fans, summer heat is going to keep people inside and off the patio, reducing your seating capacity and also the availability of one of the most popular areas of the place.

The Process

For a covered commercial patio area, or even for a residential covered patio, the choice of patio misting fans includes the fan systems with the nozzles built into the rim. This allows the nozzles to continually release micron-sized water droplets that evaporate instantly.

This process of flash evaporation pulls heat from the air, reducing the temperature by as much as 40 degrees in hot, dry climates. With the fan units mounted in the same fixture, this cool air is immediately directed down and out from the fan in a soft, steady breeze.

This is very different than a basic misting system and using ceiling fans or large floor fans. As the patio misting fans are all one system, the result is a more efficient and effective way to cool the air and move it into the desired location to create a comfortable temperature.

Without the annoyance of strong gusts from traditional types of fans, guests can feel comfortable even in the heat of the day. With extremely fine nozzles there is also no worry of drips or dampness, the water is evaporated long before it is blown down to the customer’s level.

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