AC Contractors in Toledo, OH Help Homeowners Avoid Unnecessary Damage and Expense

AC Contractors in Toledo, OH Help Homeowners Avoid Unnecessary Damage and Expense

It is important for property managers and homeowners to understand that an HVAC system isn’t indestructible. A system that doesn’t get the right maintenance from AC contractors in Toledo OH will experience premature wear and be more likely to need costly repairs or replacement. By learning more about the maintenance requirements of residential HVAC systems, residents and landlords can keep their systems in good shape for longer.

Change the Air Filter Often

Many people are surprised to learn how easy it is to overlook replacing the air filter, although it’s one of the simplest and cheapest ways to care for an HVAC system. Filters should be changed at least every three months and more often if the home is in a dusty area. Failing to replace the air filter in a timely manner can lead to the growth of mildew and the development of clogs that increase the pressure between the unit and the ductwork. When replacing the filter, it is important to choose one that traps microscopic, airborne pollutants and allergens.

Keep the Vents Clean

While dusting the interior of the home can minimize the severity of airborne pollutants, cleaning the HVAC ductwork and vents can accomplish a similar effect. A dusty vent will blow particles around the home and carry them to the main unit, which can cause excess noise and eventual damage.

Wash the Exterior Unit

If the unit accumulates debris and dust, it should be washed away with a garden hose. Don’t use pressure washing equipment, as it may damage the unit’s components. Avoid spraying water directly into the AC unit, and rinse dust and debris from the outer casing.

Schedule Regular Seasonal HVAC Maintenance

Instead of dealing with a failed HVAC unit during the heating and cooling system, homeowners should take a proactive approach to maintenance. AC Contractors in Toledo OH typically offer scheduled seasonal maintenance packages that work to save customers money and minimize the chance of a premature breakdown.

While air conditioning and heating units are designed for years of worry-free operation, they do require occasional maintenance to operate at peak efficiency. Click here to learn how a maintenance plan can help homeowners effortlessly keep their HVAC units working as intended.

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