A Recycling Service in Baltimore Is Eager to Obtain Aluminum, Copper and Steel

A Recycling Service in Baltimore Is Eager to Obtain Aluminum, Copper and Steel

People who work at a Recycling Service in Baltimore would love to see all scrap metal recycled instead of hidden in the trash or left to deteriorate on rural acreage. Some types of metal and certain types of items have relatively high percentage rates of recycling. Automobiles, for instance, are typically brought to a scrap center when they no longer function and when fixing them is too expensive to be justified. Aluminum beverage cans also have a high rate of recycling because people can get cash for them. Nevertheless, it’s still common to see those cans in the trash bins at convenience stores and supermarkets. Some individuals seem to be unable to tolerate the presence of a beverage can in their vehicles until they can place it in a recycling container.

A recycling service in Baltimore accepts much more than aluminum cans, however. They look for other aluminum items, such as lawn furniture and siding. They also want brass, steel, and stainless steel. Copper has brought in a good price for several years running. Aluminum tends to be most in demand by manufacturers since the material does not change in its chemical composition after use. It’s essentially the exact same material as virgin aluminum ore, but the ore costs a great deal more to extract and work with. When people toss aluminum cans into the trash, those cans get buried in landfills and are probably gone forever. That’s a substantial waste of valuable material that can keep prices lower for manufacturers, and thus keep prices lower for consumers on new metal products.

Tossing steel cans into the trash is another bad habit that many people have gotten into. These are the cans that originally contained foods like vegetables and fruit. It may seem inconvenient to rinse out those cans, remove the labels and save them for recycling, but the steel can be used again by manufacturers. It’s even OK to bring cans that have some rust. The workers at a company such as Mid-Atlantic Metals Inc. will sort what can be salvaged; consumers might be surprised at how much old metal is still useful.

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