A Natural Burial Ground Or Cremation: Funeral Options Continue To Expand

A Natural Burial Ground is just one of the options facing people who are in the process of planning a funeral. Because there are so many options available today it is not unusual for people to pre-plan their own funerals. This often helps to save money, prevents family members from bickering about how things should be done and makes certain that all last wishes are honored.

The first decision is about embalming. This is not a legal requirement in most instances, so anyone who wants to save money and have a more natural funeral can make this choice. Of course, if embalming is excluded and a viewing is planned, it is important to do quickly. If family members are separated by great distances, it may not be possible to have the ceremony as quickly as needed. This should be considered during the planning.

Another choice to make is whether to cremate or choose burial. If cremation is desired, there will need to be an urn chosen and a decision about whether to bury the ashes, have them remain in the urn or be spread somewhere. If burial is the preferred choice there is also the need for a burial space, headstone and what type of casket to choose. If someone has chosen to have their final resting place be in a Natural Burial Ground, they may wish to choose a basic, untreated pine casket to enable the natural decomposition process to work faster. In this instance, the burial ground may have restrictions about embalming in order to prevent chemicals from leaching into the ground.

Additional options to consider would include whether or not to include a special ceremony to commemorate military service, as well as what type of music should be played and what the individual would like to wear. Some people may wish to include a request for guests to donate to a specific charity rather than purchase flowers. There are a lot of different ways a funeral can be custom designed and the staff at Leppert Mortuary & Crematory Services are available to assist in any way possible. They can offer advice, make suggestions and help people to arrange a meaningful ceremony for themselves or someone else. Contact them today to learn more. You can also follow them on Twitter for further news and updates!

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